This is a mundane scene with not so mundane characters. Every little detail is thought to introduce the audience to an animal couple that is sweet and have a life together but with a twist.


I wanted to have a different ending to the scene, it starts with a cute couple and ends with a whole different story behind. It has come to my attention that at some point we started considering "normal" that some places and even houses have animal heads in the walls like it's just another decoration. It is not. And this scene exposes how it would look if it was the other way around, if animals could hunt us, if our heads could be in their walls, if they could hunt us like we hunt them. A piece to think. 


Modeled in Maya

Textures in Photoshop and Maya with Arnold

Lighting and shading Maya

Compositing in Nuke

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 12.26.31