Located in Belle Isle, Detroit, an abandoned zoo comes back to life to produce a home for endangered species who´s survival is uncertain, due to the destruction of their native habitats. The zoo is revitalized and transformed into an ecological and technological experience where nature will be free to flourish.  Echoes from the Wild seeks to protect endangered species by conserving certain areas of the park for birds, turtles, fish, and flowers to flourish in. In order to protect them, it is crucial for us to learn about the reasons these species are endangered. Just by learning  and spending time in an eco-friendly environment, the will to protect nature will be revitalized. 


Echoes from the Wild tells the story of a grey wolf named Wolfie. After his pack perishes due to massive hunting, he wanders around the woods alone. Throughout this time, he makes new friends. The birds guide him to the nearest river so he can drink water. There he meets the turtles, who guide him to a cave to shelter him from the cold nights. Inside the cave he meets the bats who tell him where to find other surviving wolves. He soon discovers his new pack, but finds out that most of the new friends he had met during his journey had been forced to flee when their habitats were destroyed. Later, he comes across an abandoned place with a beautiful flower garden. He decides to settle there and build a beautiful valley where he and his friends could live together. His friends are still in danger and Wolfie's trying to find a way to save them but he needs our help. We’ve equipped you with a tool that will help you find the animals in danger and will help you restore the nature balance in Wolfie’svalley. This tool is the Echoes of the Wild official app. It is a special present from Wolfie to start our journey.

Detroit, despite being one of the industrial and vibrant cities in the United States, has suffered from severe economic issues, becoming a city in desperate need of a soul. Therefore, Echoes from the Wild will not only revitalize endangered species, but it will start the rebirth of Detroit, a Detroit with a new spirit.

We strongly believe that animals do not belong in cages. In Echoes from the Wild, animals are free to roam as they wish, creating a balance of respect between humans and nature. With the use of technology we’ll reduce the human impact on the area. Through the use of augmented reality, projection, and electronic devices, Echoes from the Wild seeks to educate the public to protect and respect the environment.

By listening to the echoes from the wild, guests will reconnect with nature and realize that despite the damages done, there is still hope to restore the lives that were once taken. In the Echoes from the Wild experience, animals have a voice. Wolfie, our main character, will guide guests through the park to save his friends while guests connect with nature. 

Laura Bermudez: Concept Art-Graphic Design-Layout-Coloring & Assistant Writing

Lisa Xiao: Concept Art- Graphic Design-Research

Luz Lopez: Writing-Modeling-Concept

Sofia Regan: Map- Research

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